We could tell you about our long standing passion for high fashion… but anyone who knows us well might suspect that isn’t entirely accurate!

At Reef Goddess we aren’t swayed by fleeting trends, and you’ll find corporate wear is rather scarce in the Whitsundays. What we hope you will find is quality and comfort, timeless and effortless styles, and a flattering cut! We love our vibrant prints, unique pieces, everyday essentials, and natural breathable materials. 

We value swimmers that shape and last, shoes that can be worn all day, and clothes we can wear wherever our day takes us. Whether you’re on a beach, out to brunch, swanning around the islands, poking around the farm, or grabbing the weekly groceries, we want you to look and feel amazing.

Reef Goddess is a 100% family owned and operated business. We are a Mother/Daughters trio living locally for over 30yrs. When you support a small business, the positive effects can be seen throughout the whole community. As a family and as a business, we choose to support locally wherever possible.   


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Chloe – busy wife and mother of three

If Chloe isn’t hard at work at the shop, you will find her at her beautiful home ‘Bonnie Springs’ enjoying some treasured time spent with her family. As a lot of you will know, being a working mum is a constant juggle. And hey, maybe sometimes the pig sleeps on the couch… But the number one priority for Chloe is (and always will be) ensuring her family is happy, healthy, loved, and given all the opportunities they deserve. Besides, the pig REALLY loves the couch.

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Daisy – the horse girl

A typical day for Daisy is often not-so-typical. With days split between farm-work, horse training, and Reef Goddess, every day is different! Although spending most of her time in jeans, Daisy is just as comfortable by the ocean, and loves finding beautiful new products for you all to enjoy!

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Annie – the stylish Granny, mother to Chloe & Daisy

The envy of her daughters, Annie has the uncanny ability to whip together a stunning outfit in 10.2 seconds flat. Then somehow manages to make it from the farm to the shop unscathed, with her sausage dog Eedie often in tow. Annie doesn’t appear to believe in ‘farm clothes’, hence you can be sure that durability is high on our list of priorities when selecting our products to share with you!

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